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We foster growth and prosperity by empowering individuals and families to thrive across generations.

Life-Changing Services

Our services include providing high-quality early childhood education for long-term success, offering senior services to support seniors and vulnerable adults in maintaining their quality of life, and delivering wrap-around services through our Family Hub to assist families and individuals in navigating life’s challenges.

Photo of a little girl holding up her drawing.
Early Childhood Education

Igniting Learning

We are Chicago’s second-largest Head Start and Early Head Start early childhood education provider. Our centers spark curiosity, foster creativity, and encourage children to learn.

Family Hub

Thriving Families, Thriving Children

Our Family Hub serves as a bridge to career pathways and provides vital wraparound services.

Photo of a family (Mother, daughters and grandchildren)
A photo of a senior painting at an arts class
Senior Services

Life-Invigorating Care

Our seniors and adults with disabilities celebrate life to the fullest.

Thriving Employees

We are a people-centered organization with compassionate and caring team members, many of whom come from the communities we serve.

Our team enables families and individuals to thrive across generations.

Invest in us

We provide life-changing services to individuals in under-resourced communities.

Invest in generational success.

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