Friends of Commons Loyalty Circle

When Chicago Commons was founded in 1894, a group of dedicated supporters came together to further the mission of the organization. They helped to raise money for everything from capital improvements to programming to planting flowers outside of the settlement house. Today we recognize the hard work of our dedicated donors and volunteers and gratefully acknowledge that our venerable programs and services simply would not exist without the sustained investment of those who believe in empowering individuals, families, and communities to overcome poverty and systemic barriers, embrace opportunities, and thrive across generations.

How do I become a member of the Friends of Commons Loyalty Circle?

Donors become a member of the Loyalty Circle when they have made at least one donation of any size in three concurrent fiscal years (July 1- June 30) including the current FY. This circle is open to donors at all levels.


  • Donors receive special communications to celebrate milestone years of loyal giving
  • Donors may be invited to special recognition events
  • Donors appear as Loyalty Circle members in July newsletter and on website

Elizabeth Adkins
Joan Adler
Bill and Mary Lou Anton
Anita Birsa
Leslie and Daniel Brosk
Geordan Capes
Daniel and Sarah Chavez
Stephen and Jane Coley
Kimberly Cothran
Cary and Mary Crawford
Alfred and Terri D’Ancona
Annette and David Dezelan
Willard S. Evans, Jr.
Chelsey French
Jennifer Geldermann
Danna Gerard
Linda Gilbert
Rachel Goldstein
William Gorman
Robert Habermann
Marguerite Hark
Nancy Caroline Harney
Christian Heller
Torrence and Kimberly Hinton
Susan Hunt
Nadia Ivanova
Cathy Jennings
Dottie Johnson
Reyahd Kazmi
Maureen Kennedy
Philip and Kirsten Kenny
Ralph and Carol Lerner
Sidney and Betsy Liebenson
Dr. Henry and Elizabeth Loeb
Amit and Rati Mehta
David Moore
Sharon Moy
James and Suzanne Neaylon
Alexandra Pazoles
Michael Pratt
Margaret Redding
Allison and Patrick Reisch
John and Lucille Ruth
Julie and Ted Sausen
Kay Schmidt
Charles and Susan Schwartz
Leticia Segura
Bernard and Chantal Seguy
Richard and Alyson Slutzky
Robert and Patricia Smietana
George and Cecilia Smith
Elaine and Thomas Smith
Vincent Sparrow
Diane Spradlin
Richard Swiatek
Mary Timmons
George and Susan Timmons
Paul and Marjorie Valliere
Edward Wavak
Anne Wilson
Iris Witkowsky

Questions? Contact Cheryl Wisniewski, Director of Annual Giving, at or 773-826-4256.

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