Supporting families and children most impacted by COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to tear through our communities, many of the families at our four early education centers have experienced an immense amount of financial difficulty in providing the most basic of human needs such as food and shelter.

While the Illinois’ Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) helps subsidize the cost of quality early education programs for many of our families, they are required by the state to pay a tuition co-pay directly to Chicago Commons. These co-pays may be modest, but for families living paycheck to paycheck, even subsidized tuition co-pays can present a significant monthly financial challenge, especially if more than one child is enrolled in early education.

To ensure that quality early education remains an option for families in low-income communities, we are introducing Chicago Commons’ Little Scholars Fund!

Through Chicago Commons’ Little Scholars Fund, together, we can cover the co-pays of those hit hardest by the pandemic, while ensuring that early education classrooms and families have the resources they need for maximum impact.

Invest in Education and Families!

  • An investment of $1,000 will cover the cost of one child enrolled in our early education program.
  • An investment of $5,000 will cover the cost for five children, and so on.

Please help us raise over $250,000 to cover the co-pays, tuition, and other costs associated with keeping children enrolled in our early education program.

Donors will receive a thank you message from a sponsored child and their family as well as a progress report and special briefing on the successes and challenges of our early education programs from Vice President of Early Education, Karina Slaughter.

Contributors to Little Scholars Fund will also be recognized as a member of Chicago Commons’ Graham Taylor Society for donors of $1,000 and over.

Learn more about the Little Scholars Fund.

Learn more about the impact of our early education centers and how the Little Scholars Fund can help families and children GO Further!

Chicago Commons reserves the right to utilize funds for expenses associated with providing high-quality early education.