• Steven Sparks, Chair

  • Ronald G. Kaminski, Vice Chair

    President, HBK Engineering, LLC

  • Daniel Chavez, Treasurer

    Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • Mary E. Timmons, Development

    Executive Vice President , Northern Trust

  • Brian Marquez, Secretary

    Senior Corporate Counsel, Tampico Beverages, Inc.

  • Edgar E. Ramirez, President (Ex-officio)

    President and CEO (ex-officio), Chicago Commons


  • Holly M. Baumgart

    Vice President, Sargento Foods Inc.

  • Caroline Harney

    Attorney, University of Chicago Service League

  • James Hill, III

    President, ICL, LLC

  • Torrence Hinton

    Director, Peoples Gas

  • Ann Beran Jones

    Volunteer, Retired Educator

  • Philip B. Kenny

    Senior Vice President, Construction Practice, Marsh USA Inc.

  • Amit Mehta

    Partner, Paul Hastings LLP

  • David R. Perez

    Vice President, ComEd

  • Ofelia M. Potter

    Senior Vice President, Northern Trust

  • Leslie Roman

    Parent Representative

  • Robert E. Smietana

    President and CEO, HSA Commercial Real Estate

  • John Yeager

    Managing Director, Whitehorse Capital

Emerging Leaders Council Members

  • Jessica Bozek
  • Megan Cage
  • Evans Debeza
  • Alex Kapustka
  • Katheryn Meagher
  • Sharon Moy
  • Jessica Newman
  • Allison Reisch
  • Sarah Rice
  • BreAnne Richter
  • Ashlyne Wilson

Chicago Commons Loyalty Circle

  • Joan G. Adler
  • Esther R. Benjamin Ph.D.
  • Jeffrey A. Bernstein
  • Elizabeth A.S. Bloomer
  • Ronald R. Boggs
  • Joel Brosk
  • Ann H. Collins
  • Annette Dezelan
  • Catherine Duenas
  • Quin R. Frazer
  • Sidney C. Liebenson
  • Jerry R. Reich
  • Rev. George D. Smith III
  • Michele McKay Sparks
  • Michael Tadin
  • Nancy A. Wieboldt
  • Iris S. Witkowsky