Support Chicago Commons Families Impacted By COVID-19: Even under the threat of COVID-19, our work continues and we need your help to meet the critical basic needs of our families during this time. Would you consider making a gift today to support Chicago Commons’ COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund? Your donation to the COVID-19 Relief Fund will help us:

  • Purchase and distribute supplies such as safety glasses, gloves, masks, and gowns for staff that may be in contact with families and medically vulnerable seniors during this pandemic.
  • Provide emergency assistance grants to Chicago Commons families experiencing economic hardship due to COVID-19 to support rent, utilities, and other emergency needs.
  • Purchase and distribute supplies like diapers, Pull-Ups, formula, and baby wipes for low-income families facing increasing financial hardship.
  • Secure increased technological capacity such as laptops, cellphones, and web-based subscriptions to ensure that our personnel can telecommute and operate on-the-go.
  • Provide increased cleaning and sanitization of sites during this crisis.
  • Support our workforce who may lose pay due to programming suspensions.

Thank you for helping our children, families, and medically vulnerable seniors during this pandemic. For more information regarding donations please contact Cheryl Wisniewski at 773-826-4256.